Autumn – Eat Seasonally!

Goodbye Summer and hello Autumn!

There is so much I love about summer – stone fruits, the sun and the beach.

But Autumn brings a drop in temperature, the end of daylight savings, the changing colours of leaves and different seasonal fruits & vegetables!

The sayings ‘eat seasonally’ or ‘eat what is in season’ are often tossed around the ‘nutrition world’ to encourage people to consume a variety of a food. But what do they actually mean?

When we eat seasonally, we eat the produce naturally grown in that specific season. These types of plants are suited to grow within that climate under specific conditions.

Benefits of Eating Seasonally

Cheap – If it’s in season, then there is more of it growing. If there is more growing and being harvested, it will be cheaper. (Strawberries are so cheap lately!)

Taste – There are so many fruits and veggies with a variety of different flavours and textures. Eating seasonally mixes things up and keeps your plate interesting – no more repeating the same three vegetables every night.

Variety – Different fruits & vegetables with different colours not only keeps your plate interesting, but it keeps your body healthy. Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables provides your body with a wide range of vitamins and minerals accessible for your body to use.

What is ‘In Season’ in Autumn?

Fruit Vegetables
Apples Asian Vegetables Mushrooms
Berries Beans Parsley
Kiwifruit Broccoli Pecans
Pears Cabbage Pumpkins
Persimmons Capsicum Radish
Strawberries Cauliflower Rhubarb
  Chillies Tomatoes
  Chinese Cabbage Turnip (White)
  Lettuce Parsley

Fruit and Vegetables in Autumn: Seasonal Food Guide

A simple way to start is to add one new vegetable to your trolley for the week. I do this if I have been eating the same vegetables over and over again. This week, I am planning to start at the top of the list with Asian Greens – which are amazing in stir fries!

What are you going to try from the list this week?

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Photo: Fall Back by Ian Sane

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