The Wonders of Water

It’s UN-World Water Day and while this may be insignificant to many of us, it reminds us how amazing water is! We have access to safe, clean drinking water straight from our taps. That’s something we simply cannot take for granted.

But water can often seem boring and make us feel guilty for not drinking enough of it! But it’s vital to stay hydrated.

Why is it important to stay hydrated?

Hydration enables our bodies to carry out metabolic processes in the best conditions.

You could be dehydration if you have dry or cracked lips, feeling thirsty, have a headache or finding it really difficult to concentrate. Staying hydrated is a simple, practical way to help alleviate these symptoms.

What should I drink?

Water, of course. We need to drink water daily as our bodies cannot store water. And yes, tap water is safe (and good for your teeth!).

Tea and coffee also count towards your hydration for the day. But limit these to a few cups a day, as stimulants can have negative effects in large quantities.

Some drinks to avoid or limit include soft drinks, fruit juice, flavoured milk, alcohol, energy drinks and sports drinks. While these may hydrate you, these contain high levels of sugar and added sugar that we just don’t need.

How much?

The recommended amount of fluids is 1.5L-2L per day. If you’re exercising or it’s a hot day, you should be having more than this.

We all know we need to drink more water, so here are three simple tips that I use to drink more water.

#1 – Use a drink bottle

You can keep it on your desk during the day, track your water and if you have a large bottle – you don’t have to refill it often. I’d be lost without my drink bottle!


#2 – Have Water at your Meal Times

Water should be the only option, not soft-drink. Some people don’t drink water with their meals because they believe it’s unhealthy and disrupts digestion. The evidence isn’t clear whether drinking water at meals disrupts digestion.

However, drinking water at meal times is a practical way to stay hydrated and the research is clear – it is important to stay hydrated!

#3 – Add some flavour

Lemon, lime or strawberries add a refreshing flavour to a glass of water. Having herbal teas or chilled water changes the taste, and this might be enough to help you to have an extra glass or two during the day.


Every now and then, I’ll have a hot chocolate or chai latte (I’m one of those rare people who don’t drink tea or coffee!) and these do help hydrate us.

Water should always be our default.

Happy UN-World Water Day!


Further Reading

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7 thoughts on “The Wonders of Water

  1. My soda stream helped me break my soft drink habit. Now
    I drink heaps more water. The bubbles make it feel special. Sometimes I add a splash of fruit juice, but I don’t use the flavour syrups.


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