Easter, Eggs and Expanding Waistlines

hot cross buns

It’s already April and Easter long weekend is tomorrow! There are so many things I love about Easter – the 4 day long weekend, celebrating Jesus’ death and resurrection, the hot cross buns, feasts and the family get together  – it’s fantastic!

With long weekends and holidays, there is an abundance of all sorts of food! Anyone who knows me, knows I love food. But while there is amazing food during Easter, there is an overload of chocolate and hot cross buns (which contain a lot of kilojoules).

I am not saying that everyone should stop eating hot cross buns or chocolate. Man! I love hot cross buns and would hate to be read a blog that told me to never have any hot cross buns or chocolate ever again. Being healthy doesn’t mean munching only on vegetables all the time. But eating Easter Bunnies, hot cross buns and heaps of food isn’t the way to go either.

So we need to ask the question… How do we eat healthy during Easter?

Here are a few typical types of food you may encounter this weekend.

The Easter Bunny

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlindt nutrition value

Photo: Choc Bunny by Asti Swastiani
Nutritional Information Panel

The classic Lindt Easter Bunny.

While it looks cute and delicious, this bunny contains a crazy 540 Calories/ 2,260kJ per bunny. Remember, the recommended daily intake is 2,100Cal/8,700kJ. This is a 100g bunny, so when reading the label, double all the values for the whole bunny. As well as containing a lot of energy, this bunny has a lot of saturated (bad) fat and sugar.

To put this in perspective, I would have to run for 1hr and 5mins to burn off all the energy in one bunny. That is a long time! And these are the smaller bunnies – the Cadbury Easter Bunnies are 200g.

The Hot Cross Bun


 Photo: Hot Crossed Bun, Zante Currants, Maple Brushed by Emilie Hardman
Nutritional Information Panel

A traditional hot cross bun from Bakers Delight doesn’t have as much fat as the Lindt Easter Bunny, but it definitely makes up for it with the carbohydrates, which makes sense because its bread. Surprisingly, this contains a lot of sodium. We get far too much sodium in our diet as it is!

The traditional hot cross bun comes in at 231Cal/891kJ, better than the Easter Bunny. However, it may be easier to eat more hot cross buns that chocolate. To burn all the energy in a hot cross bun I would have to run for 27 mins.

Enjoy A Little

Will I have a hot cross bun? Yes! I haven’t had one yet, so I hope so.

Will I have chocolate? Probably, a few small eggs maybe.

The key is to enjoy these wonderful foods in moderation! Swap the big Easter bunny for some smaller Easter Eggs, have only one hot cross bun at each gathering, and make just one or two days your ‘treat days’ – not the whole long weekend.

Just think of how much you would have to run to burn off what you’re eating. Would you really run an 1hr for every bunny you ate?

You don’t have to eat unhealthy this Easter and still enjoy food!

What do you love about Easter?
What foods are you planning on eating over the long weekend?
(Comment below)

 Featured Photo: Hot Crossed Bun, Black Currants, Soy Milk Brushed by Emilie Hardman

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