Why I took a break


How did I spend my Easter Holidays and week off from uni? Road-tripping and visiting family (and far less study then I planned). It’s so nice to have a break from my usual life!

Over the Easter long weekend, I traveled to a country town – Camperdown, Victoria (a few hours out from Melbourne) to visit my husband’s grandparents and family. We spent countless hours in the car, explored the classic tourist attractions, ate heaps of food, listened to random songs and just hung out.

We Ate Heaps of Food!

We snacked a lot! Healthy road trip snacks are easier than you would think.  We had carrots, apples, pears and sesame snacks in the car. On our adventures over the long weekend, we went to a chocolate factory, a cheese factory and a fine ice-creamery. We got to try so much delicious food, it was amazing!


We went out for Sunday lunch after church and I ordered a risotto and a side of veggies. Normally I don’t like to order a side of vegetables because they’re often not very good value. But since we were traveling and I was missing my daily serves of veggies, these hit the spot and made me happy!

risottoveggies at vic

How can you not have a hot cross bun at Easter? I had about 3/4 of this. It was delicious and made from a local bakery.

hot cross bun 1

We saw lots of things!

We walked up Mount Sugarloaf, in Camperdown, Victoria. It only took about an hour in total. There were some steep parts, leaving a few of us short of breath.

sugarloaf named

And of course, being from NSW we had to visit the 12 Apostles (or more like 5 Apostles). It was a lovely warm day, but there were a lot of tourists! Note to self: Don’t go on Easter Saturday.

12 rocks edit

It was really nice to take a break from life. One evening we just sat and watched the sunset. I hardly stop and appreciate things that God has made like that.

Now I’m back at uni and struggling to get back into normal routine. It’s good to be home, but I think I need to take regular breaks during my week. Life can get so hectic – there are always a million and one things to do! I need to stop and take time out more often.

Did you take time out over the Easter long weekend? How do you take a break?

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