What is Food Revolution Day? We need your help!


Have you heard about Food Revolution Day? If you follow Jamie Oliver on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you’ll know what I’m taking about. But even if you’re not in love with Jamie Oliver (is that possible?), this day is for you too!

How did I become involved with Jamie?

I started volunteering for ‘Jamie’s Ministry of Food’ a month ago. It’s a place that teaches people to cook. You can sign up for 5 weeks of classes at affordable prices.

This excites the nutritionist in me! It’s a practical way to help people eat healthy in an easy and fun way. Healthy food should taste good and you should enjoy it too!

JMOF sign

Not only do they give people the skills to cook, but they help people make healthier choices. Anything from simple tips in cooking, to information on the dietary guidelines and answering peoples questions. Learn to cook + learn to be healthy easily!

This is just one of the meals prepared in the first ‘Eggs’ class. Yum!


It’s so important for people to enjoy healthy food in their own homes. Making a real impact in people’s lives – I love being apart of that every week. If you’re interested in the classes, you can find out more here.

 Food Revolution Day 2015

More than 42 million children worldwide either overweight or obese.

Diet-related disease is one of the biggest killers, and it is preventable.

Even in Australia, two thirds of the population are overweight obese

This is the sad reality. So what is the aim this Food Revolution Day?


This is Jamie’s dream, and many other health professional’s as well. It’s great to have cooking classes, but we also need to intervene early.

Cooking at home is a healthier option. We need to equip children with these essential life skills. I’m thankful that my mum loves cooking and taught us a kids. As life gets busier and more unhealthy options become available, the need for nutrition to be imbedded within schools becomes greater.

How can you help?

The aim is to have millions of signatures on the petition. Why? Jamie Oliver will present this at the G20 Summit and perhaps then the government might make this dream a reality.

We have the chance to make a difference, so please sign the petition.


blackboard jmof

Happy Food Revolution Day!

Want to know more?

– Read more about Food Revolution Day here.

– To see how much of a need this is, watch this video where Jamie asks children to identify different foods (Skip to 0:35). It may be a few years old, but it reflects the reality that still exists today.

– Jamie Oliver and Ed Sheeran even made a song about it, see it here.


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