What Should I Eat this Winter?


How is it winter already? How did it get cold so quickly?!

To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of winter. But winter brings along new foods to eat! Eating seasonally is the way to go (which I’ve already discussed in previous blog post). So if you’re not sure what ‘eating seasonally’ in winter looks like, this is your go-to list :

Fruit Vegetables
Bananas* Asian Vegetables Lettuce
Grapefruit* Broccoli Mushrooms*
Kiwi Fruit* Brussel Sprouts* Potato
Lemons Cabbage Radish
Mandarins Carrots* Rhubarb
Oranges Cauliflower Silverbeet
Lebanese Cucumber Spinach
Leek White Turnip

Note: Fruit and vegetables listed are based on seasonal fruit and vegetables in Sydney as shown in Seasonal Food Guide
*These fruit and vegetables are not specific to Sydney but are in season in general around Australia as shown in the Seasonal Food Guide

Just looking at this list, I can already see some foods which are perfect for winter. My favourite soup is definitely potato and leek soup and it’s made of seasonally produce. Also, I love that mandarins are in season! They are so easy to carry in my bag, and they taste delicious. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves mandarins.

On that list, there are lots of food which are usually served warm, which is fantastic during the cold nights that winter brings. I’m excited to start eating more soups, roast veggies, stir fries and steamed veggies.

Maybe winter isn’t so bad with all of this food! In fact, winter is when we eat more – more than any other season (according to the ABS). Not only are we eating more, but we are moving less. And because of this, people tend to gain a few kilos during winter. Also, the Dietitians Association of Australia have some tips which are simple, easy and effective. Just being aware of what you are eating can really help!

What foods do you love eating in winter?

Cover Photo: Snowy Fence by Clarice

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