Just a little bite


Whenever I go to a friend’s place, to work or church, I am bombarded with snacks – and not the good kind! Anything from chips, chocolate, lollies, baked goods, cheese or even pizza. You get the idea.

At home, there are healthy options available at the drop of a hat. But when I’m out, it’s a whole different story.

So often our ‘self-control’ gets a workout! I can’t fathom how ‘just one piece’ turned into ‘half a block’ of chocolate – eaten by myself (whoops). We make excuses for ourselves, ‘It’s been a bad day’ or ‘I’ve been really good this week, I deserve one piece – that won’t hurt’.

And one piece won’t. But so often for me, it’s never just one piece. So here are some ways I try to eat healthy while I’m out.

Tips on Snacking Out

Bring your own healthy options. I’ll bring a fruit platter or veggies and dip if I know there will be a lot of unhealthy food. Maybe its the student dietitian in me, but bringing a healthy option helps others eat healthy too!

You can eat too. If other people are eating, I want to eat too. Bringing my own snack means that I can. When a bag of chips goes around or when everyone is gathered at the morning tea table, having a piece of fruit to munch on makes it avoid eating junk just for the sake of it!

Keep accountable. You don’t have to miss out completely. Ask someone to keep you accountable if you’re wanting to be healthy. Tell someone else “I only want to have 3 biscuits” or “Please make sure I only have 2 rows of chocolate”.

Don’t make food the focus. You can make it easier for yourself. Food can often be the center of attention like being in the middle of the table while you play a game or next to you while you watch a movie.  So if you can, move food out of the way so it’s not as easy to get, so it’s not a temptation and so its doesn’t eat away at you all night.

My Top Snacks to Bring

A piece of fruit.

No preparation involved! Fruit is sweet and delicious. The fibre in fruit makes you feel full, which helps avoid eating more food. Often it takes a lot longer to eat an apple than it does to devour a bowl of chips. I often carry a piece of fruit in my handbag just in case.

Vegetable Sticks

Carrot, celery, capsicum (of all colours) and cucumber are fantastic snack options. Add some crakers and dip. Its better to choose non-creamy dips like hummus.


Walnuts, cashews, macadamias, mixed or any others! They are all great. Choose unsalted nuts as we already get too much salt in our diet.You don’t need many – a small handful will keep you full. But be mindful of who is going. Don’t bring them if anyone is allergic.

I’ve also found that people really appreciate it when someone brings a healthy option along – so try it!

 Eating nutritious snacks beats calorie loaded non-nutritious snacks.

What snacks do you have on the go? What helps you eat healthy when you are out?

Photo: MnM by Sara


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