Take the challenge to eat more veggies.

Of all nutrition advice out there, what’s the best?

Any dietitian or nutritionist will tell you to eat more veggies or something along those lines.

I’m not advocating kale a single vegetable or that you must eat salads all day long. We just need to eat more.


These are the current stats facing many Australians today.

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Vegetables are great for decreasing our risk of chronic diseases such as strokes, heart diseases and even some cancers. Along with this, vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, are low in energy (beneficial for weight management) and can even help improve our mood.

It’s common sense. Healthy eating includes eating more vegetables. But it’s not easy. It takes effort to buy and cook veggies, some people don’t like the taste or would rather eat meat. Let’s face it, eating the recommended 5 serves is a whole a lot of veg!

Wait… what’s a serve again?

According to the dietary guidelines, a serve of vegetables is a cup of salad/leafy vegetables, 1/2 a cup of cooked (more ‘dense’) vegetables and about 1/2 a medium potato.

So, if you’re relying on salads alone, you’d have to eat 5 cups of salad to get all your serves of veggies in. Yikes!

Is it possible to eat 5 serves?

Yes. It’s hard if you don’t eat many vegetables currently. Evidence shows that increasing your overall intake by even half a serve is beneficial for health but 5 serves is desirable.

Yes, it’s possible. But it can be hard putting it all into practice.

Thankfully, every year Nutrition Australia runs National Nutrition Week (11-17 Oct 2015) to help people take a practical step towards being healthy. This year’s focus is to eat more fruit and veggies by challenging us to Try for 5 serves of vegetables. Instead of a set meal plan, you’ll get emails with tips and ideas of how to include more veggies into your meals seamlessly.


Don’t do it alone. This year, you can sign up to part of a team to take the challenge. Join our team, What About Health, to see if you can eat 5 serves of veggies across the week.


Photos from Team What About Health doing the Try for 5 challenge

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