The easy way to eat your vegetables #tryfor5

It’s hard to eat five serves of vegetables every day. While I enjoy vegetables (not necessarily salad), life is busy and some days I couldn’t care less about how many vegetables I’ve eaten.

We’ve all been there.

Take the challenge to eat more vegetables

There’s no meal plan to follow and you won’t record everything you eat into My Fitness Pal. It’s a challenge to eat more vegetables. No matter how you do it, #tryfor5 your way.


National Nutrition Week (16-22 October 2016) is a chance to try for five serves of vegetables every day. A cup of salad OR 1/2 cup of cooked veggies, that’s one serve. But if you don’t reach 5 serves, eating more vegetables do wonders for your health.

We did the challenge last year as a team (you can read about it here) and we’re doing it again.

Untitled design
Team #whatabouthealth photos for National Nutrition Week 2015

Untitled design (1)

There’s no perfect time (be it uni assignments, exams, family life or work) but it’ll be easier doing it together. There’ll be plenty of ideas, tasty food and beautiful meals to enjoy. Join team #whatabouthealth.

What to do

  • Sign up for FREE to Nutrition Australia’s #tryfor5 challenge here*. You’ll get daily emails of ideas and reminders to get those 5 serves in.
  • Post pictures of your veggies during the week. We’ll be sharing them throughout the week to inspire others too. You can do it on:
    • Instagram: tag @whatabouthealth and #tryfor5
    • Facebook: use #whatabouthealth and #tryfor5
  • Do it with two – Encourage two friends to take the #tryfor5 challenge with you (tag them on social media)

To start, here are three ideas Nutrition Australia gives to help you eat more veg (and I share my ideas here, here and here).

I’m excited to see all your beautiful pictures and creative ideas!

– Lana xx

*Sign up for the individual challenge but we’ll still do it together in team spirit. Signed up? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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