Two quick tips for Christmas eating

If your Christmas is anything like mine, it starts with many hugs and kisses as you greet loved ones. The table quickly fills with food and before you know it, your plastic plate has a bit of everything on it.

This will most likely end with pants unbuttoned and the sloth-like state that accompanies a finished Christmas meal.

To make things worse, it’s only a week till the New Year. If ‘getting healthy’ wasn’t already apart of your New Years Resolutions, chances are your loved ones are talking about it.

At the very least, the thought of stepping on the scales isn’t a pleasant one.

Ditch the guilt

As I mentioned last year, Christmas is a time to enjoy food – not to feel guilty about eating delicious food. It’s one day of the year.

But if you want to be a bit healthier this Christmas (and avoid the I-ate-so-much-I-feel-sick aftermath), then I have two tips that will help.

1. Eat nourishing foods

Nothing beats the excitement a table full of every food imaginable (and knowing that there’s dessert on the way too). And Christmas would be awful you missed out on the food you love.

Instead, put nutritious foods on your plate to accompany the ‘sometimes’ foods. Add more veggies to your plate (especially when going for seconds). Choose fruit along with the ice-cream or cake. Fill up on healthy fats from nuts, avocados or prawns.

Muesli I made for Christmas presents and breakfast on Christmas day. You can make it too – recipe here.

Really, it’s about choosing nutritious food from core food groups while you enjoy all the other food.

2. Be aware of what you’re eating

There’s a lot going on at the Christmas table. Digging into great food, laughing at corny bon bon jokes and conversations from every angle of the table. In all the joyful commotion, the food gets eaten in the blink of an eye.

Be aware of how hungry you are. Eat because you’re hungry (and actually want the food), not just because food is there.

Be aware of the taste, texture and smell of the food – even for a few mouthfuls.

I want to enjoy the light, fluffy texture and the sweet taste of pavlova I’ve been looking forward to all year!

Relax and enjoy

Whatever Christmas looks like for you, enjoy gathering around food with loved ones. There’s much more important things in life than feeling guilty for what you ate on Christmas.

Merry Christmas xx

To see more of what I’m eating at Christmas, head over to my Instagram @whatabouthealth

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