I’m Lana and I’m a student dietitian from the University of Wollongong, in my fourth and final year of a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours).


Why ‘What About Health?’?

This blog started to answer the many nutrition questions I was getting. It’s my way of answering those questions. Questions like…”What about coconut oil?”, “What do you think about …?”, “What about this… What about that?” and so ‘What About Health?’ was born (and the Coconut Oil post was also written – yay!).

As well as answering questions, I give a glimpse of what studying to be dietitian looks like (see them here). So that’s what this blog is.

Sharing the experience of becoming a dietitian and sharing the nutrition I learn along the way.


Why trust me?

I provide credible nutrition advice and break down the science of nutrition. I am a member of the Storehouse Nutrition Blog Network and received their award the Best Nutrition Blog Post award for 2016 for my post on Dear Health and Wellness Bloggers.


What to expect

With my nutrition and dietetic knowledge, I share my perspective and journey in learning how to live healthy, helping you see that not only is health important, it can even be enjoyable.



– Lana


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