In the media

The media is full of nutrition and health information at the moment (both good and bad). I’ve contributed to the media to ensure the latest evidenced-based nutrition information is delivered.

Here are some of the places I’ve been featured:

Healthy Food Guide Contributing Dietitian

Gluten free? Here’s your fibre fix June 2018
Learn to love legumes June 2018
10 of the best pasta sauces June 2018
Go with the grain May 2018
Now trending: kefir May 2018
Ask the experts: Skim milk May 2018
Ask the experts: Lemon water April 2018

Guest Blog Posts

Q&A with Lana Hirth – Ideal Nutrition, May 2018
Why elderly people can eat whatever they want August 2017

Radio Interview

ABC Kimberly – February 2017