How to make my ultimate muesli (perfect Christmas gift)

Searching for the perfect homemade muesli? This is it.

This muesli is the best edible present – the cinnamon and orange zest make all the difference. It’s delicious and I’d it eat everyday if I could.

Ideal for secret Santa, a birthday present, a thank you or just for breakfast… As I’m typing, the smell of cinnamon is filling the house from the muesli!

After MANY requests, here are two versions of the recipe. One recipe for a large jar and a bulk recipe for multiple Christmas gifts. I found the original recipe on Broccoli and Blueberries, but have changed and tweaked it over time. Here’s my version.

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Two quick tips for Christmas eating

If your Christmas is anything like mine, it starts with many hugs and kisses as you greet loved ones. The table quickly fills with food and before you know it, your plastic plate has a bit of everything on it.

This will most likely end with pants unbuttoned and the sloth-like state that accompanies a finished Christmas meal.

To make things worse, it’s only a week till the New Year. If ‘getting healthy’ wasn’t already apart of your New Years Resolutions, chances are your loved ones are talking about it.

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Eat and Enjoy this Christmas

Eat what you want this Christmas. Eat without feeling guilty. Enjoy what you eat.

The traditional message from health professionals are to use portion control and everyone is shocked when a nutrition student would go for extra helpings of cake or ice-cream. And if you’re already trying to lose weight, the Christmas feast can be frightening. Boxing Day can leave you guilty and planning to exercise all those extra kilojoules off, if you can be bothered. Continue reading…